for a STRONGER workforce! We are committed to seek greatness in the South African job market.

Proforça takes great pride in delivering an efficient, expert and professional service to assist in strengthening your workforce.

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Tel: 011 849 9602 / 8789 / 9282    


1st Floor, Parkview Centre, Cnr of Miles Sharp and Struben Streets, Rynfield, Benoni

Your preferred recruitment partner!

At Proforça, we take our procedural code very seriously, to ensure that we understand your company’s culture, vision, business objectives and ethics before we start searching for candidates to suit your specific vacancies. We understand that every company is unique, and with diverse, individual requirements. Our aim is to align ourselves in such a way that your specific needs are catered to. Our expertise within the recruitment industry has given us the opportunity to showcase every candidate, from the highest qualified to the most experienced, all available through Proforça.

The above ability has worked out well for us thus far, and we continue to enforce our vision of morality to ensure your company’s staffing requirements are treated with nothing other than respect and professionalism.

In addition to the above, we could, at your request, perform integrity, reference, criminal and credit checks – No Problem!

Why Choose Proforça?

  1. We listen to your needs and if needed, we visit our clients to try understand the culture
  2. You only deal with one consultant 
  3. Our focus is to add value to your business and ensure ROI on your placement fee
  4. We aim for 48 hour turn-around time on CVs – sometimes even faster than that!
  5. We will not waste your time sending you incompetent people 
  6. As a privately owned independent consultancy, we are able to provide a level of personalised service
  7. We have expertise and experience across all industries
  8. We advertise on your behalf at no extra cost
  9. We do thorough Reference Checks – We believe in honesty and complete transparency in this regard
  10. ITC and Criminal Checks on request
  11. Highly competitive rates
  12. We Provide a 90-day guarantee on candidates – unless agreed otherwise
  13. We won't contact/poach people we have placed at your company, EVER!
  14. Headhunting? We can do that too! Only a fraction of talented individuals are actively seeking new employment, so we understand that traditional recruitment methods simply do not reach these excellent candidates!

Still not convinced? Then here are some reasons NOT to use Proforça:

  1. You enjoy working with large, unfriendly agencies
  2. You like your inbox swamped with CVs, the majority of which do not match your requirements
  3. You prefer liaising with a different consultant every time you call
  4. You would like the recruitment process to increase your stress levels and double your workload
  5. High turnover and the associated costs thereof are alright with you
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